Sabtu, 17 Januari 2009

Those who can...

So it always seems to happen this way with me. All last week, I had shit loads of revision to do for my exams, but all I wanted to do was write. So I wrote and crammed revision in at the last minute. On Thursday, I had my last exam and all the way through it I was thinking about how much writing I was going to get done in my weeks off before going back to uni.

But guess what? I can't write. I tried yesterday, knowing that if I was in the mood, I would finish my TV pilot for VISION, but I wasn't in said mood, so it didn't get touched. I wrote about half a scene for my zombie movie - the opening, then ended up on facebook replying to people interested in MICHAEL'S RESIGNATION most of the day. Evening came and ate, then watched DEXTER and a couple eps of SUPERNATURAL.

I wasn't tired at midnight, so considered breaking the laptop open and attacking VISION. But I didn't. Instead, I was reduced to watching SCARY MOVIE 4 - one of the worst films ever to be created methinks. The only thing I liked was when Charlie Sheen killed himself. I was thinking "Yes, Charlie Sheen, kill yourself, get out of this terrifyingly bad movie and do something shiny like PLATOON". And die he did. Well, at least someone was spared the pain!

So now I sit here blogging because once again, I can't write anything. After this post, I'm going to break out the beat sheet for the pilot of VISION and try my hardest to write something, while listening to rock.

Can guarantee that tomorrow while I'm at work all day, I'll be in the perfect mood to write, but then on Monday, that will have passed. Maybe I'll just stay up all Sunday night and attack it then.

I know why it happens this way. It's a way of putting off the writing. I never want to do what I'm doing - I'm never happy.

However, if writing is going to be my career, I'll have to learn to write when I'm not in the mood, so this afternoon, my non-writing mood time will be filled with writing.

Maybe I'll go on facebook first.....

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