Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

Centurian Post

I started this blog on 12th November 2008 and this post marks my 100th entry. That's a fair few blogs and I'd wager if you added up every word I've written here, you'd find it's more than every single exam I've ever taken. And ironically, this post falls on the date of an exam - my last day at uni until September. What does that mean? Well a) I'll probably fail the exam and b) more time for writing.

I'd like to thank everyone who's read my blog over the last 6 months and I intend to keep on going for years to come. I've got a lot of things I want to say about screenwriting and I love sharing my experiences with the whole world (or should I say - the few people who actually read this). But technically it's open to the whole world.

So thank you for reading and since I'm in a happy mood, please feel free to tell me about your own blogs (be they screenwriting and otherwise); I'm always eager to find new people out there to share ideas with.

Happy writing, readers!

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