Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Action - this is how it's done

After my mini attack on the WOLVERINE movie yesterday, I thought I say that one aspect of the film was very good. The final action sequence between Logan, Victor and Weapon XI. Why is it so good? Well, that's down to British martial artist Scott Adkins who pulls off moves I didn't even know were possible, all without the use of wires. It helps that he looks a lot like Ryan Reynolds (who played Deadpool/Weapon XI).

Adkins has also shown off his taekwondo and MMA skills in the Jet Li movie UNLEASHED. He's also starred in THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM and THE SHEPHERD: BORDER PATROL alongside Van Damme. Oh and HOLBY CITY as well(?)

Take a look at the work he did for WOLVERINE. Every time I watch this, I know he's going to be a huge martial arts star in just a few years. He's working in the US though, which says something about the state of British action films:

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