Selasa, 21 April 2009

Bond realism

The other day, I was trying to write the opening for my BOND movie. And before anyone says anything, yes it is possible to get a BOND script made. And no, it's no a breach of copyright unless you actually make it.

So anyway, BOND movies practically made the classic action opening - a full blown action sequence in the first 10 minutes. Every action film since has done this. The action in BOND has never been particularly realistic. What I love about the new BOND movies (with Daniel Craig) is the hard hitting, brutal and realistic fight scenes. Adam Kirley (Daniel Craig's stunt double) does a brilliant job of getting the action just right. I've spoken to him about it and he seems so grounded in it all. If I were him, I'd be like "Look! That's me! That's me falling from that thing! Look!"

Anyway, openings don't get much better or more spectacular than CASINO ROYALE:

It's clear to see that this action isn't the most realistic, but the combat is. No fancy moves or spinning kicks - just put your opponent down as fast as possible. Take this scene - frighteningly realistic and brutal for a BOND movie:

So in writing the first five pages of my BOND movie, I was faced with a dilemma - how do I make a spectacular opening but keep the action realistic? I've decided to make the opening spectacular in a different way.

The action is brutal (as per new BOND movies) and realistic, but what is spectacular is the question I've asked - how the hell did Bond get into this situation? I won't say what that situation is (just in case someone is reading who would either a) steal it, or b) kill me for it).

I'm not sure if the opening does its job yet. I know it's a great action sequence, but is it right for the opening? Only time will tell...

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