Sabtu, 25 April 2009

New professional website

Taking a leaf out of Michelle's book, I decided to make myself a professional website a few weeks ago. Again through Michelle's recommendation, I used weebly to make the site. It's a fantastic site and so easy to use. In just a few hours I'd put everything on there I wanted.

The annoying thing was that my domain address had the word "weebly" in there. It's hardly professional to have that in your website. So I decided to bite the bullet and buy a domain (for under £8). I went to and spent a long time trying to find a decent site name. I thought about neilbakerwrites (but that limits what I'm saying I'll do). Then I thought about neilbakeraction (because I write a lot of action, but again - limiting. In the end, I went with Because I create things, you see?

Alas that wasn't the end. I then encountered insane problems with the website. I couldn't get it to show up at all. I googled 123-reg and discovered that they're famously crap. Everyone else seems to have problems with them. I found a number for them (after searching for hours) and gave them a call. They now assure me that the website is perfectly fine and will continue to work.

It seems to be ok at the moment, but I strongly advise against 123-reg!

Anyway, take a look at my professional website and let me know what you think. It's got details on the services I offer, projects, testimonials and even a sample from this here blog.

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